1909: Welker Supply and McKee Supply founded

1960: Welker Supply and McKee Supply merge as a commercial and industrial plumbing supplier. Welker leaves their building at E.65th St. and moves into the McKee building on E. 93rd St. in Cleveland

1970: Local business man, Art Kaplansky, purchases Welker and McKee in 1970 (both the building and business)

1975: Welker McKee becomes an industrial, commercial, and residential plumbing supplier and moves to the current location at 6606 Granger Rd., Independence.

1990: Welker McKee expands offices and showroom.

1994: Welker McKee is acquired by Hajoca Corporation; the largest family owned plumbing distributer in the United States and Canada.

2018: Welker McKee facility expansion and introduction of the new Elements Studio